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Smash My Head is fresh yet intense in its own way. It is inspired by wild and open spaces. The opening and mid of this perfume are peppery and citrusy making the scent quite clean and sharp, however, the dry down is very balanced. The scent brings to mind the image of vast rocky plains, hot from the sun, overlooked by the bluest skies. A fresh spicy and amber fragrance, it makes one feel youthful and uplifted.

Smash My Head is a classic masculine fragrance that is very versatile making it the perfect candidate for a blind buy. It has a very clean fragrance which will make you feel sophisticated, mature and expensive. It is an all-rounder and can be worn in spring, summer and fall. It performs well during the day and at night. Since Smash My Head perfume has a long-lasting and strong sillage, it is great for wearing daily and on special occasions.


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