Becute Cosmetics Whitening Facial Kit (Pack of 12)


Becute Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that specializes in various skin treatments, especially facial kits. The brand’s facial kits are widely used in Pakistani households as well as salons and spas and are renowned for having positive effects on the skin if used regularly.

Box contents:
Botanic White Mask (30gm)
Facial Mask (200ml)
Dust-Free Bleach Powder (100gm)
Cream Bleach (80gm)
Soothing Lotion (200ml)
Skin Toner (200ml)
Melafadin Fluid (2ml) X6
Melafadin Cleansing Powder (200ml)
Brightening Face Cleanser (200ml)
Whitening Serum (50ml)
6% Volume 20 Facial Blonde Activator (200ml)
Facial Cleanser (500ml)

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